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Baby stroller caught in doors of moving subway

Police said Saturday they were investigating an accident that could have seriously injured a woman and her baby when the baby's stroller was caught in the doors of a moving subway.

Surveillance camera footage of the Thursday accident in the South Korean capital showed the subway's doors closing as the woman tried to enter with her baby in a stroller. The subway started moving with the stroller stuck between the doors, dragging it and the woman for some 30 meters (100 feet) before stopping.

The 30-year-old mother pulled her baby from the stroller and dropped it on the platform when the subway started moving. The baby was unhurt, but the mother and a woman who tried to help the mother untangle her jacket caught in the stroller suffered mild scratches when they fell on the ground.

The Seoul Kangnam Police Station said an investigation was under way to determine if the subway driver or workers at the station were at fault, AP reports.

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