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Russian soldier survives after tank fires grenade at him

In Russia's Ural region, a recruit was seriously injured after a tank fired a grenade at him. The incident happened after nighttime drills, when tank commander Dmitry Otstavnykh did not check whether there was anyone near the tank at the time when he was unloading the vehicle.

Raushan Fatikhov, a mechanic, was standing near, when the tank fired a grenade. The mechanic suffered a spleen rupture, had his kidney severed and lost a lot of blood as a result of abdominal bleeding.

The victim was rushed to a military hospital, where he underwent surgery, Life News reports. Doctors said that Fatikhov had a chance to recover.

A criminal case was filed against tank commander Dmitry Otstavnykh for violations of safety rules in handling weapons and hazardous objects.

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