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Volunteers From Among The Pakistani Pushtus Are Enlisting To Help The Taliban

Chiefs of some Pushtu tribes on the border with Afghanistan have announced an enlistment campaign calling upon Pushtus to join the ranks of the mujaheddin, i.e., the warriors waging a holy war (jihad) against the United States and its allies. The News daily reports that direct clashes with the police and other law enforcers have taken place in the areas inhabited by Pushtu tribes. Eye-witnesses report that separate groups of Pakistani nationals and Afghan refugees living in Pakistan cross the border and join the Taliban units. They sneak across the border by mountain paths in small groups of 2 to 5 men. There hasn't been any massive "mobilisation" of the mujaheddin in Pakistan yet, but the lists are being compiled and the future "warriors of Islam" are waiting for orders from their leaders to be sent to Afghanistan. Funds are being raised to help the Taliban. According to the News daily, about 20 kg of gold and jewellery were collected in just one place over the past few days.

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