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Holiday Season Israeli Apartheid Viciousness in Occupied Palestine

Holiday Season Israeli Apartheid Viciousness in Occupied Palestine

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Israeli state terror against Palestinians continues year-round, no holiday season break taken - two million Gazans terrorized most of all.

Since March 30 nonviolent Great March of Return protests began, around 225 Gazan men, women, children, journalists and medical workers were killed in cold blood. 

About 25,000 others were injured, many seriously, including wounds requiring amputations of limbs. Israel remains unaccountable for grave breaches of international law because of world community indifference, along with full US support and encouragement to terrorize Palestinians with impunity.

Extremist settlers commit violence and vandalism against Palestinians with impunity. Israel refuses to hold them accountable, including for serious crimes. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

The same goes for Israeli soldiers, police, and other security forces, permitted to kill and otherwise abuse Palestinians unaccountably - trained to terrorize them, including by committing violent crimes.

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