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Interior Ministry Gives Details Of Prevented Heinous Terrorist Act In Chechnya

The Interior Ministry of Russia reported details of the prevention of the largest terrorist act in the territory of Chechnya, which could result in the death of several thousand people and an ecological disaster. A representative of the Press Service of the Interior Ministry's Department of Fighting Organized Crime in the North Caucasus told RBC that on December 11, 2001 rebels planned to destroy the railway terminal Chervlyonaya-Uzlovaya, as well as two nearby villages. They set a number of explosive devices to blow up 10,000 tons of oil and 700 tons of fuel stored at the railway station. Only now it has become possible to report the details, because a search operation, which lead to the detention of a suspect in the preparation of this act of terrorism, had been conducted before, the Press Service representative underlined.

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