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Ukraine's illegitimate president launches special operation in Donetsk region


Ukraine's illegitimate president launches special operation in Donetsk region. 52591.jpeg
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Ukraine launched a special operation in the north of the Donetsk region on April 15, Acting President Alexander Turchinov said at a meeting of the Parliament.

"This morning, in the north of the Donetsk region, an anti-terrorist operation began. It will be conducted gradually, responsibly and carefully," Turchinov stated. He stressed out that the goal of the campaign is to protect people.

Turchinov added that police units, including those operating in the east of Ukraine are being upgraded. "Go to work at police, go to the National Guard, go to defend the Motherland in the Armed Forces," Turchinov said to those who picket the parliament demanding the authorities should take more aggressive actions to restore order in the south-east of Ukraine. It is worthy of note that Turchinov was appointed on the position of Ukraine's Acting President by the Parliament of the country, Verkhovna Rada.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Andrey Paruby, reported that the first battalion of the National Guard, formed from volunteers of Maidan defense, left for the east of the country. "It's very complicated over there. I know it, for I have recently returned from Luhansk, where I spent a whole week," he wrote on his page on Facebook.

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