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Results Of Police Raids Conducted In Chechnya Over 24 Hours

Police raids conducted in Grozny, Gudermes, Argun and 18 other Chechen towns and villages over the past 24 hours netted 1 mortar, 23 grenade launchers, 1 machine gun, 7 assault rifles, 1 rifle, 5 sporting guns, 24 mines and shells, 262 grenades and grenade-launcher rounds, more than 13,000 cartridges of different calibers, about 7 kg of explosives, and 25 homemade oil-processing devices. Simultaneous passport checks conducted in Grozny and in the Achkhoi-Martan, Grozny, Itum-Kali, Nozhai-Yurt, Urus-Martan, Shali and Shelkovskaya districts disclosed 703 administrative infringements. In all, police checked more than 36,000 people and searched almost 20,000 transport vehicles.

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