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Gap factory fire in Bangladesh claims 27 lives

42738.jpegAt least 27 people died and more than 100 others were injured in a fire at a Gap clothing factory in Bangladesh. Dozens of workers were forced to jump to their deaths from the burning building, as the fire trapped workers on the upper floors.

Authorities said the fire broke out on the 10th floor, where pants are stored for shipment, and spread up to the 11th floor, where most workers were eating lunch in the cafeteria. Located just outside Dhaka, the factory had about 6,000 employees, many of whom were spared since they were out to lunch at the time of the fire, according to Daily Beast.

International labor groups have criticized the safety of Bangladesh's garment factories. A factory fire outside Dhaka in February killed more than 20 people.

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association said it would pay the families of workers killed in the Ha-Meem fire 100,000 taka (about $1,400), and the company has promised to pay another 100,000 taka.

Mr. Hussain said the company hoped to reopen the first eight floors of the factory as early as Tuesday because they did not appear to be damaged. He said the company expected to meet all pending orders. The ninth floor was used as a finishing area where workers prepared shipments, and the 10th floor housed a dining hall, he said, New York Times reports.


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