Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow behind death of former Chechen President, reports Saudi Arabian newspaper

The Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Yaum has published an article entitled 'Chechen opposition accuses Moscow in death of (former Chechen President Zelimkhan) Yandarbiev.' Yandarbiev was killed on February 12 in a automobile accident. The newspaper quotes the Internet site Voice of the Caucasus where the former Chechen leader's advisor Ibragim Gabi said that 'without a doubt the Kremlin and Russian security organs were behind the assassination' and they will have 'to pay a great price for that.'

Meanwhile, al-Yaum quoted an anonymous source in Washington as saying that Yadarbiev's death was without a doubt tied to the Moscow Metro bombing on February 6. The source also said that Yandarbiev was an easy target for murder because he led a very open life.

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