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Ukrainian troops to use more powerful Uragan and Smerch missile systems


Ukrainian troops to use more powerful Uragan and Smerch missile systems. 53178.jpeg

The Ukrainian authorities intend to put Uragan and Smerch missile systems into service in the Ukrainian army, in the zone of the military operation.

According to Ukrainian media, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense repaired rocket systems launchers Grad, Uragan and Smerch. The repaired equipment will be put into service of the Ukrainian army involved in the military operation in the east of the country.

According to Expert magazine, in addition to the above-mentioned systems, the Ukrainian troops will receive self-propelled artillery systems Acacia, Hyacinth and 126 other types of missile and artillery weapons.

"We repair all kinds of systems that Ukraine has," the director of the repairing company, Oleg Turin said. Capital repairs of one unit takes from two weeks to one month.

Grad shoots projectiles at a distance of 42 km and covers the area of ​​142 thousand square meters. The firing range of Smerch and Uragan systems makes up 120 km and 42 km respectively. The destruction area makes up 672 thousand and 426 thousand square meters.

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