Source Pravda.Ru

Investigation of terrorist act in Ingush capital continues

The investigation of the major terrorist act committed on Monday in Manas, the capital of Ingushetia (a Russian Republic in the North Caucasus), is in progress. A lorry, staffed with explosives, blasted by the building of the republican department of the Federal Security Service (FSB).

The blast amounted to about a ton in TNT equivalent, the local department of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office told RIA Novosti. It has been established that the lorry with explosives contained two kamikaze terrorists and not one, as it was earlier believed.

The lorry broke through the barrier and blasted fifteen metres away from the building, the FSB said. According to the latest information, two people were killed and about thirty were injured. The crater after the explosion is ten metres in diameter and two metres deep.

The explosion damaged not only the FSB building, but also the buildings of the administration of the Ingush president, the republican treasury and the department of taxes and dues.

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