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Highway pileup of dozens of vehicles kills at least 2 people

At least two people died in a highway pileup of dozens of vehicles during a blinding sandstorm in the high desert north of Los Angeles.

Seven were injured, including two critically, in the crash that left vehicles scattered across Highway 14, Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Ron Haralson said.

The sandstorm was whipped by winds gusting up to 55 mph (88 kph), the National Weather Service said.

"Everybody just came to an abrupt stop. There were people that were speeding and unfortunately I don't know if they made it through or not," driver Anthony Valdez Pino told KCAL-TV.

He said he heard brakes screeching all around him.

"I've lived out here most of my life and I've never seen dust that thick like that before," he said.