Source Pravda.Ru

Administration head of Alkhan-Kala settlement killed in Chechnya

The body of 50-year old Nurdi Elmurzayev, head of administration of the Alkhan-Kala settlement, who was kidnapped on December 9, was found in Chechnya, the Interior Ministry of Chechnya reported on Tuesday.

The body of Elmurzayev with gunshot wounds was discovered the day before at the Petropavlovskaya village of the Grozny district on the territory of the former seed-growing station, the Interior Ministry spokesman said.

He recalled that last Tuesday the unknown people kidnapped Nurdi Elmurzayev, head of the administration of Alkhan Kala, at the Grozny -Alkan-Kala highway when he was riding in his car without bodyguards.

According to the preliminary data, Nurdi Elmurzayev was abducted by armed people dressed in camouflage uniform and masks.

Later Elmurzayev's car VAZ-2105 was found at the roadside.

Investigation was launched on the murder case.

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