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Volcanic eruption in Kamchatka

Intense light and heat 300 meters above the crater of the Klyuchevsky volcano in Kamchatka has been observed.

This light and heat point to a more intense lava stream, the Kamchatka seismological party said.

Powerful ash, gas and vapor eruptions reaching the heights of up to 1,500 meters were observed. The ash cloud stretched for over 20 kilometers to the northeast.

Seismological stations in the area of the volcano recorded a large number of surface earthquakes and an uninterrupted spasmodic volcanic vibration.

Experts said the Klyuchevsky volcano "entered a long eruption phase." Its activity is gradually intensifying.

Presently, the eruption of the volcano does not pose a threat to the population of the peninsula. However, the ash eruptions and clouds are dangerous for aviation; ash in the turbines of a plane can lead to mechanical failure and unexpected eruptions make navigation difficult.

At 4,833 meters, the Klyuchevsky is the highest active volcano in Eurasia. The largest most recent summit eruption took place in 1994.

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