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Ukraine dumps its soldiers in Donbass

18.07.2014 | Source:




Ukraine dumps its soldiers in Donbass. 53202.jpeg

The wife of one of the fighters of the punitive operation in the south-east of Ukraine, named only as Elena, told of the miserable situation, in which the Ukrainian military men found themselves in the Donbass. The woman spoke to UNN news agency.

The servicemen of the 72nd Brigade remain in the area of the combat zone in the south-east of Ukraine. They receive neither the promised support, nor food supplies. Militia continue to attack them, RIA Novosti reports.

"My husband told me that all the men remain in a very heavy mental state. He said that the situation was very scary. He realized that he and other soldiers of the Ukrainian army were simply dumped in the area, where they stay," the woman said.

Shortly before that, relatives of the Ukrainian military men picketed the building of the Poroshenko administration. Some of the people are outraged that it is common citizens, who take part in the fighting. Others demand professional commanders be appointed. Someone else claim that the military men are deprived of basic living conditions.


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