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Chechen Law-enforcement Bodies Arrested Members Of Illegal Armed Formations

Officers of the Gudermes Interior Ministry Department have arrested a militant who is believed to be involved in an explosion attack on armoured vehicles, which took place on June 8 on the mainline linking Rostov and Baku. As a result of the attack, several servicemen were wounded. The success of the operation is due, in particular, to the eyewitnesses of the accident. In the course of the first interrogation, the detainee confessed that it was him who had planted the self-made explosive device. Two militants have been killed in the Nozhai-Urt district of Chechnya. The previous night, aerial reconnaissance located a small armed group moving in the vicinity of the Gekhi-Mokhk village in the Nozhai-Urt district. Several artillery salvos were delivered on the location. Later on, a mobile group advanced into the zone. On the scene, the officers found two dead bodies, a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a PM pistol, a bayonet and two loaded cartridges. The killed fighters are currently being identified. Over the past 24 hours, policemen detained 13 people suspected of involvement in illegal armed formations in different Chechen districts. Their involvement in activities against federal troops is currently being checked.

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