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Chechen terrorist No.1 associated with "Moslem Brothers"

18.10.2002 | Source:



The Chechen terrorists' leader Shamil Basayev is now in Vedeno district, Chechnya, reports the regional operations centre for the counter-terrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus. There is also evidence, obtained at interrogations of fighters who were arrested when moving from Georgia to Chechnya that Basayev is associated with the international terrorist organisation Moslem Brothers. The detainees admitted they had been witness to their commander coming several times in touch by his mobile telephone with a certain Zubaira, the Moslem Brothers' representative in Georgia, and then calling to Basayev and reporting on the state of affairs.

The arrested terrorists also said that the recent combats in the vicinity of the Galashki village, Ingushetia, resulted in the greater part of their gang having been eliminated during artillery shelling. Misinformation about the terrorists having successfully broken through the encirclement without any losses was spread intentionally to hook the mass media in order to justify the Moslem Brothers' finances on the gang's arming and passage arrangements as well as on the arming of ever new gangs. Apart from this, considerable funds are being misappropriated by warlords.


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