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Citizens of CIS countries are among those who died in air crash

Thirteen people died - six crew members, including one Russia's citizen, and seven passengers of the Sudanese civil plane.

The Sudanese information agency reported that the plane of the Saria Sudanese air company, which followed the route from Hartum to Vau, crashed four miles away from the airport when landing.

Among the dead crew members are one Russian citizen, four citizens of Armenia, including the commander, and one - from Uzbekistan, director general of the air company general |Muhammed Abdel Kader told journalists.

Among the passengers were three officers of the Sudanese security service, an officer of the military police, a policeman and a representative of the Central Bank of Sudan.

The plane delivered food and money from the Central Bank - wage to the state employees. According to Abdel Kader the plane was in good state and got permission to land. But, during the landing it exploded. A commission was formed to investigate the accident.

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