Source Pravda.Ru

Gas line explodes near Moscow

In the Ramenki district (to the southeast of Moscow) an explosive device on a gas line was defused, the head of the Moscow region internal affairs department said on Thursday.

"Yesterday under a 200mm pipe of the local gas line, in which there were three open holes, a homemade explosive device was discovered and specialists defused it," said a source.

According to him, the explosive device consisted of a grenade from an RPG-7 grenade launcher, a digital clock, a small battery and wires.

As reported earlier, a gas line also exploded in the same district of the Moscow region.

"Fifty meters from Starnikovo village on the banks of the Otra river two devices with the equivalent power of 200g of TNT each exploded under a 200mm pipe of the local gas line," the source said.

According to him, the explosions damaged the gas line and the gas supply temporarily stopped.

The prosecutor of the region has opened a criminal case (willing destruction or damage of property).

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