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37 Illegal Armed Formations' Bases And Camps Liquidated In Chechnya In 2 Years

In two years, the Department of the Federal Security Service (UFSB) in Chechnya together with other law enforcement bodies liquidated 37 bases and camps of illegal armed formations, the Chechen UFSB public relations group told RIA Novosti Friday. Besides, law enforcement bodies prevented 162 sabotage-terrorist attacks along federal forces and Chechen authorities transportation routes. The servicemen are also actively fighting against illicit oil business, which is mainly controlled by leaders of band formations. The money goes to finance subversive activities and support members of illegal armed formations, the UFSB said. In two years, as a result of joined operations, servicemen of the department liquidated over four thousand mini-factories for illegal crude oil processing. About 3,000 tons of oil products had been given to the Chechen Republic to satisfy its needs, the Chechen UFSB said.

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