Source Pravda.Ru

Russian helicopter crashes in Malaysia

A Kamov helicopter crash in the Malaysian state of Sarawak (the Island of Borneo) killed the Russian pilot and injured two Russian crewmembers, the Russian Embassy in Malaysia reported on Tuesday.

The helicopter was taking part in forest working.

"According to the Sarawak aviation service and police, the crash killed pilot Vladimir Savin," envoy-councillor Viktor Seleznev said. "Second pilot Valery Shabanov and flight engineer Boris Levchenko, who were also on board, received minor injuries and are now at hospital. Doctors say their wounds are not lethal and they soon will be discharged".

The cause of the crash is so far unclear, the agency's interlocutor said. A special committee of two companies, the Malaysian firm that had leased the helicopter and its Russian supplier will start investigation of the crash already this week.

"The Russian Embassy in Malaysia is in constant contact with the state's authorities and both companies," Seleznev concluded

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