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Military commissar and his deputy kidnapped in Chechnya

A military commissar of the Shatoi district, Oleg Stryukov, and his deputy captain Gagloyev have been kidnapped in southern Chechnya, the headquarters of the Joint Group of Forces told RIA Novosti on Monday. According to the reports available, the incident took place at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 17th, on the motor road between the villages of Dai and the district centre of Sharoi. Two masked gunmen stopped a GAZ-66 with the commandant, his deputy and a serviceman Amirkhanov and driver Attsayev accompanying them on board. The criminals disarmed the servicemen, then they let go the two soldiers and disappeared on a car. By now privates Attsayev and Amirkhanov have been arrested in line with a resolution of the Shatoi Prosecutor's Office. A criminal case has been launched persuant to article 126 /kidnapping/ of the Russian Criminal Code. Law-enforcers are conducting search operations, the headquarters of the Joint Group of Forces reported.

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