Source Pravda.Ru

Three gunmen killed in Chechnya

Three gunmen from notorious field commander Gelayev's gang have been killed in Chechnya. According to the regional operational headquarters, at about noon on Wednesday the criminal police of the provisional operational grouping and the servicemen of the military commandant's office of Achkhor-Martan district and the interior troops noticed a group of three armed men when they were carrying out a special operation near the settlement of Samashki.

The combined operational group tried to detain the gunmen, but they opened fire at the federal forces. All the three men were killed in the return fire. They were carrying a Kalashnikov gun and a carbine with ammunition.

It turned out later that the three men were active members of Ruslan Gelayev's group. Their names were given by the provisional press centre of the Russian Interior Ministry department in the North Caucasus as Arbi Dakayev, Magomed Askayev and Said Dadayev.

Apart from that, the gunmen's dug-out discovered in the forest was liquidated during the operation