Source Pravda.Ru

Former Chechen leader points out positive dynamics in Chechnya's developments

According to former leader of Chechnya Doka Zavgayev, the situation in the republic is changing for the better at the moment. Zavgayev, who is now Russia's ambassador to Tanzania, said as much at a press conference in Moscow Thursday.

According to Zavgayev, the country's leadership is doing everything it takes to return the situation in Chechnya back to normalcy.

Although the former Chechen leader was not inclined to be overoptimistic in his assessments of the situation, for, as he put it, "the disease is protracted and chronicle," he pointed to some positive achievements.

Zavgayev believes that Chechnya's restoration is a matter of time. In his words, today police are working there, houses and schools are being built; by the end of the year refugees will return to the republic. Zavgayev stressed that many bandit formations had already been defeated. There are some minor hotbeds, but they will soon be done away with, concluded the former republican leader.