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Police catch rapist after woman bites off his penis

20.07.2012 | Source:


Police catch rapist after woman bites off his penis. 47586.jpeg

The police of the Novosibirsk region captured a sex maniac, after his victim had bitten off his penis. The desperate fight took place in a sauna in the town of Iskitim. The rapist broke in the sauna through a window and attacked a woman, an administrator, reports Life News. The reproductive organ of the offender has been sealed and is now kept "in the cell of material evidence," officials said.

The victim was named as Svetlana S., a 25-year-old administrator of a local sauna. The woman was three months pregnant, when the man attacked her. "I have been working here for four years, and I have never ever experienced such a nightmare. There were no visitors in the sauna that night, and I fell asleep at my desk. The criminal smashed the window, broke into the room and began to beat me. He was kicking me in the stomach and all over my body. He was punching me in the face and then he committed sexually violent acts," the woman said.

Having realizing that fighting the maniac would not work, the woman, at some point, gritted her teeth, after which the offender, clutching the wound in the groin area, was forced to retreat. The rapist escaped from the sauna, having taken the victim's jewelry along.

Svetlana passed out and stayed in the sauna for the rest of the night, unconscious. Her co-workers, who came to the sauna the following day, found her lying on the floor. Svetlana was hospitalized with broken ribs, a jaw fracture, and hematomas. Doctors were unable to save her unborn child.

The rapist was caught quickly. Dmitri D., 29, had to ask for medical help. He received medical treatment, after which the man was taken into custody. "The suspect was arrested.  Charges have been brought against him," Vladislav Arsibekov, a detective, said. "He pleaded guilty, but refuses to testify," he added.

"I still hope that the result of my self-defense will be a real punishment for him, in addition to the time he is going to spend in jail," said Svetlana. It later became known that the day before the attack, the rapist assaulted the administrator of another sauna.


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