Source Pravda.Ru

Malaysian stream kills Russian explorers

Two Russian explorers are dead in Malaysia, Boris Malakhov, deputy spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, reports proceeding from information obtained from the Russian Embassy to Malaysia.

The tragedy came, August 17, as the Zimin man and wife, and their son and daughter were travelling down the Pahang mountain stream in rubber boats in local guides' company. Nikolai Zimin and the boy perished as the family boat wrecked in rapids. Elena Zimin and the girl had a hairbreadth escape.

The bodies could not be recovered before the next day with the torrential current and bad weather.

The survivors stayed on the site till the search finished. Doctors said they were in no danger for their life.

The widow and her daughter are putting up in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The embassy is in permanent contact with them. The bodies were brought to the city last night.

The host country had authorised the Zimins' trailblazing venture, and helped the explorers with money.

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