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Over thirty local residents asked for medical assistance after explosion in Grozny

According to the data of the medical institutions of Grozny, 36 local residents asked for medical assistance after the terrorist act in the capital of Chechnya on Friday.

"Three of the injured people were hospitalised, and outpatient assistance was given to the others," the journalists were told at the 9th city hospital. As the agency's interlocutor said, the condition of the hospitalised persons is assessed as "satisfactory".

The explosion resounded in Grozny at 16.20 Moscow time on Friday on Staropromyslovskoye Shosse, not far from the buildings of the republican directorate for combating organised crime and of the operations-search bureau (OSB).

As many as 15 militiamen were hospitalised with different wounds.

According to the operatives' data, the yield of the blast was equivalent to one tonne of TNT.

Several private houses, which were in direct proximity of the OSB building, where the suicide terrorists tried to break through on an explosives-stuffed truck, were destroyed. The terrorists did not respond to the warning signals of the guards, and fire was opened against them. The truck ran into a barrier at a distance of about 50 metres from the building and exploded.

The prosecutor's office of Chechnya launched a criminal case on the fact of the explosion under the article on "terrorism".

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