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Malaysian experts unable to arrive to Ukraine due to combat actions

21.07.2014 | Source:




Malaysian experts unable to arrive to Ukraine due to combat actions. 53218.jpeg
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Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk,  Alexander Boroday, told reporters that three aviation security experts from the Netherlands started working on the crash site of the Boeing 777 in Ukraine on July 21. However, the arrival of 12 experts from Malaysia was postponed due to ongoing fighting in Donetsk and its suburbs.

"Twelve people are now traveling from Kharkiv. In the village of Yasinovataya and in the northern part of Donetsk - the places of their route - the fighting continues. Because of this, their arrival is delayed," Boroday said at a press conference in Donetsk.

According to Boroday, it was a strange coincidence that the fighting started in Donetsk on the day of the arrival of the experts. He was also surprised at the fact that representatives of the international commission were sent to the Donbass region unaccompanied.

"They were sent to the war zone without protection, without an escort. Just with a driver. This is strange," Boroday said.

Earlier, it was reported that several experts from the Netherlands accompanied by OSCE observers arrived at the town of Torez and started exploring the remains of the victims in refrigerator vehicles.


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