Source Pravda.Ru

Projected Path Has Wilma Hitting Fla. With 90 MPH Winds

A new projected path for Hurricane Wilma shows the storm lingering in the Yucatan and then hitting Florida as a Category 1 storm Monday night, according to Local 6 meteorologist Tom Sorrells.

"The problem with the path of projected movement now is that it comes so close to Central Florida," Sorrells said. "In my heart of hearts, I really think the modeling will drag this thing farther south. But, it is anyone's guess."

The National Hurricane Center now believes the storm will linger over the Yucatan Peninsula until Sunday morning, the reported.

"The storm is then expected to exit the Yucatan as a Category 1 storm, which is going to help so much as far as damage in the Florida peninsula," Sorrells said.


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