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Militant charged in Medicins Sans Frontieres kidnapping case

22.10.2002 | Source:



A militant detained several days ago in connection with the kidnapping of head of the Medicins Sans Frontieres mission, Kenneth Gluck, has been charged.

The detained man's name has not been disclosed, but it is known that he was born in 1977, and is a resident of the village of Starye Atagi in the rural part of the Grozny region of Chechnya.

On January 9th, 2001, Kenneth Gluck was abducted in the Chechen village of Starye Atagi by a gang under the command of Abdul-Khali Saidulayev. The kidnapping was organised and carried out by a group led by Abubakar Dzhumayev.

The latter was killed during an armed clash this February.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Chechen Republic opened a criminal case into the kidnapping on January 10th, 2001.

An investigation is currently underway to establish the suspect's complicity in other crimes and the identities of his accomplices.


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