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30 Cubans dead. Havana blames Washington

The latest in a series of incidents in the Strait of Florida was described by the Cuban government as “serious and painful” and declares that the Cuban Adjustment Law is “a murderous law”.

Under this law of 1996, preferential treatment is given to Cubans who wish to emigrate to the United States, once they have arrived on US territory. Fidel Castro has argued since then that by enticing Cubans to leave the island, the United States is morally responsible for what happens to them. Many use makeshift rafts to cross the Strait, which break up in the currents and many lives are lost.

The Cuban government considers these incentives as dangerous attempts to foment illegal migration. The group of 30 Cuban emigrants, 12 of whom were children, left western Cuba last Friday and were supposed to arrive in Florida on Saturday. They never arrived and the US coast guard gave up the search on the morning of November 22nd

The Cuban government classifies the Cuban Adjustment Law as the “siren’s song of capitalism”, cynically taking advantage of the precarious economic situation the US-imposed embargo places on the island.


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