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Interior Troops Conduct Special Operations In Chechnya

23.04.2001 | Source:



On Monday, Russian Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service forces conducted two special operations in the Chechen Republic checking passports and seizing arms in the settlements of Ersenoi and Belgatoi. In the course of the operations servicemen defused 3 land mines, one aerial bomb, 2 flame-throwers, 376 projectiles, 3 grenades, destroyed more than 5000 cartridges which were stored in 6 cachets. Apart from that, 6 grenade launchers, 1 flame-thrower, 2 hunting rifles, 22 grenade launcher shells, 7 grenades, about 700 cartridges, one radio-controlled land mine were seized from the locals. Four people were detained on suspicion of being involved in activities of illegal armed groupings.

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