Source Pravda.Ru

People rescued from the force-landed copter

People and "black boxes" from the force-landed helicopter were delivered to Petropavlovsk Kamchatski (Russian Far East).

According to the press-service head of the North-Eastern frontier guards department Andrei Orlov, three crew members and a passenger as well as both "black boxes" from the force landed helicopter have been delivered by a frontier service copter. The crew and the passengers suffered multiple bruises and cut wounds.

Major General Valeri Cherdicshev, Air Commander of the North-Eastern frontier guards, who flow one of the two rescue helicopters said that the damaged machine with the broken off tail-part was on its right side partly under the ice in Kalagyr lake.

Experts of the Kamchctka garrison procurator's office investigated the crush site.

Mi-8 Helicopter of the anti-air defence air regiment made a forced landing on January 22, 35 kilometers North of Shipunski cape while performing a routine flight of the Commander's inspection of troops.

Radio-contact with the copter was lost after three passengers were delivered to Shipunski cape. Later on, another helicopter crew discovered the damaged machine near Kalagyr lake some 100 kilometres North-East of Petropavlovsk Kamchatski. Three crew-members and two passengers were waiting for a rescue party in a hunters' shelter 2.5 kilometres from the landing site.

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