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Battles in Slavyansk: Ukrainian troops go on offensive

24.04.2014 | Source:




Battles in Slavyansk: Ukrainian troops go on offensive. 52649.jpeg
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The Ukrainian military launched a special operation in the town of Slavyansk, the Donetsk region of Ukraine. According to media reports, helicopters are circling over the town, armored vehicles are approaching from different sides.

According to Slavgorod website, a shootout took place at the entrance to Slavyansk, two men were killed and several others were injured. Employees of the local hospital confirmed that there was a serious battle going on, the wounded continue to arrive.

Local people say that they will turn their houses into fortresses, "like in Stalingrad," to defend themselves to the last moment.

Meanwhile, officials with the Ministry for Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported the destruction of three militia blocks. Up to five local residents were reportedly killed.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian troops took up a position about 12 kilometers to the south of Slavyansk, near the village of Malinovka.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the OSCE, Andrei Kelin, stated that the Ukrainian special operation in Slavyansk was a blatant violation of the Geneva agreements.

"This is a blatant violation of the Geneva Agreement, the first paragraph of which says that all parties should refrain from any violence, intimidation or provocative actions," Kelin told Interfax.

Spokespeople for the Security Service of Ukraine said that the current situation in Slavyansk was not controllable. 




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