Source Pravda.Ru

Flight recorder discovered at scene of Ukrainian airplane An-140 crash

The flight recorder has been discovered at the scene of the Ukrainian An-140 plane crash in Iran.

The black-box will be transferred to the representatives of the Ukrainian airlines, the Iranian radio reported.

In line with international regulations, the Iranian authorities will give the flight-recorder to the country to which the airjet belonged.

Antonov An-140 airplane, which belonged to the Ukrainian airline "Aeromost-Kharkov", took off from Kharkov on Monday at 12.20 /local time/ and headed for the city of Ardistan, Isfahan province in Iran, with a stopover in the city of Trabzon, Turkey. There were 42 Ukrainians, including 6 crew members, and 6 Russian citizens on board the airplane.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian pilots, due to poor visibility, lost control of the airjet and wrecked into the mountains.