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Federal Forces Have Information Of Terrorist Acts Plotted In Chechnya

25.04.2001 | Source:



Russian federal forces are taking efforts to prevent terrorist acts in Chechnya. The operative staff on the anti-terrorist operation in the Chechen Republic has information that militants are being paid in US dollars for shelling and blowing up cars with federal soldiers. The militants often take advantage of the poverty of the local population to engage it in terrorist acts for money. In particular, it is an open secret that Gudermes and Bachi-Yurt residents can earn $100-200 for planting one land mine. The reward is given only provided there is a confirming material, e.g. video shooting, documents and personal belongings of the victims. In mountain areas of the Chechen republic the rebels are exerting moral and psychological pressure on the locals who work for the federals. The situation remains tense in the Shali district of the republic where Khattab's bandit group is operating. Thus, on April 21 a batch of small arms was delivered to Shali for field commander Telkhadov. The price of a hand submachine-gun from this batch amounts to $1,200. A terrorist group called "Jihad" is operating in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. The group aims at extorting money from local vendors and at perpetrating genocide of the Russian-speaking population. The militants have a broad network of informants in hand and can therefore escape from the checks conducted by federal forces.

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