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Slavyansk self-defense forces regain control of all checkpoints

25.04.2014 | Source:




Slavyansk self-defense forces regain control of all checkpoints. 52656.jpeg
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Representatives of self-defense forces of the Donetsk region say that they managed to regain control over all checkpoints in Slavyansk, which the Ukrainian army had previously taken.

"At night, we took control of all checkpoints, and none of our fighters was injured," a representative of Slavyansk self-defense forces told Interfax.

The man said that the Ukrainian armed units had encircled the town.

"Armed men and armored vehicles encircled the town from all sides. They are trying to strangle us. But we have water and food, so we can hold on. Nevertheless, all banking systems in the town have been blocked, and local residents can not, for example, receive a wire transfer. Banks do not work," a member of self-defense forces of Slavyansk said.

The special operation of Ukrainian armed forces is expected to continue in the south-east of the country on April 25th.


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