Source Pravda.Ru

One girl killed and 13 people wounded in three explosions in Krasnodar

One person was killed and 13 people were wounded in three explosions on Monday in the city of Krasnodar in the North Caucasus.

The explosions thundered at about 7:40, a RIA Novosti correspondent was told at the press service of the city's Interior Department. According to preliminary information, the explosive devices were stuffed with bolts and screws.

The first bomb exploded under a shoe-repair booth, wounding three persons.

The most powerful explosion was at a trolley bus stop killing a 20-years old woman and injuring five people.

The third bomb was detonated at a bus stop. A home made explosive device had been put under the roof of the bus stop. Five people were wounded in that explosion.

Officers of the Federal Security Service officers, prosecutor officials and policemen work at the sites of the explosions.

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