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Attack on military cars colomn in Chechnya

A car column with policemen has been attacked in Chechnya. The incident happened the day before in the Zavodskoy region of Grozny, said the press-service of the Russian Interior Ministry. A fougasse exploded on the curb, when the column with officers from the temporary interior department was moving along the road. Then the policemen came under fire from a ruined building situated not far from the road. Neither the explosion no the fire caused any casualties among the policemen. They opened a return fire and took measures for detaining the rebels. 5 people suspected in the attack were detained in the course of the examination of the surrounding territories. All of them turned out to be local people. They are now under investigation which aims at finding out whether they belong to any illegal armed formation. The total of three investigative and preventive operations was conducted in Chechnya yesterday. During the operations the policemen discovered and eliminated 30 illegal oil refining minifactories and two hand made explosives.

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