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Investigation has two versions of frontier servicemen murder at Russian-Georgian border

26.08.2002 | Source:



An investigation team discussed two major versions of the death of eightfrontier servicemen at the Ingush part of the Russian-Georgian border. Asthe Federal Frontier Service of Russia reported to RBC, either theservicemen were ambushed by Chechen militants, or were shot by theirmissing comrades-in-arms. RBC's interviewee pointed out that "theinvestigation group has not finished its work yet; final conclusions havenot been made".On August 24, a reconnaissance team of a frontier unit at the Ingush partof the Russian-Georgian border found bodies of eight frontier servicemen.Two other servicemen from this team were not found. The frontier teampatrolled the state border on the evening of August 23. On August 24, thefrontier servicemen did not contact their headquarters on schedule..


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