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3 militants killed in Ingushetia - 27 March, 2004

Three militants were killed in a special operation in Ingushetia (a republic in the North Caucasus neighboring on Chechnya), a source in the Russian Interior Ministry's temporary press center in the North Caucasus told RIA Novosti.

"Militants Aksagov and Eldiyev from Grozny [the capital of Chechnya] put up armed resistance during the arrest in Nazran at 3:20 p.m. on Friday," the source said.

The militants were killed by return fire. One of the policemen was wounded in the skirmish. A handgun and a belt with explosives were found on the site of the accident.

After that, Eldiyev's house was searched. Computer component parts, a video camera, audio and video tapes, and Wahhabite booklets were found there.

According to the source, when policemen were checking a house in another district of Nazran, an unknown person opened fire and was killed by return fire.

He was identified as Taramov, a resident of Grozny. A Kalashnikov assault-rifle, three hand grenades, two computers, floppy disks, leaflets, and Wahhabite books were confiscated from the scene, the source said.

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