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As a result of a terrorist act, the Daghestan Minister was killed

As a result of the terrorist act, Daghestan Minister of National Policy, Information and Foreign Relations Magomedsalikh Gasayev was killed in Makhachkala on Wednesday. (Daghestan is a republic of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus.) According to a member of the operational group which is working on the place of the incident, the minister's car was blasted. Under one of the versions, a magnetic mine on the top the Volga car was placed by unidentified persons during the movement of the car. According to another one, it was put under the bottom of the car in the area of the baggage compartment.

The explosion took place in the area of an old bus station in the central part of the city at about 8:30, Moscow time.

The driver has been hospitalised.

An explosion of household gas occurred in a nine-storeyed apartment building in the city of Shakhty, the Rostov region of Russia. The blast destroyed two storeys of the building

Another apartment building explodes in Russia. Several people killed

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