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Eight bandits killed in battles and two taken prisoner in Chechnya's Itum-Kali district

In a battle in the Itum-Kali district of Chechnya, in the Khangakhoi mountain pass, eight bandits were killed and two taken prisoner. A RIA Novosti correspondent was told about it on Monday at the press centre of the Russian Federal Frontier Service.

As was pointed out in the press centre, for the third day now the frontier-guards of the Itum-Kali team have been waging battles in the Kerigo area against a group of Chechen militants who had crossed the border from Georgia and were noticed by the frontier-guards on Saturday.

The militants have made several attempts to break through the circle but in vain. In the place of the battle, the frontier-guards have found eight bodies of the bandits, and took prisoner two militants.

The frontier-guards lost seven people and five were wounded.

At the present time the total number of 200 frontier-guards continue to block the mountain passes and paths. Additional units and paratroopers are being deployed in the area.