Source Pravda.Ru

Chechen militants are transporting new forces from Georgia to Russian border

The Russian Federal Frontier Service possesses information that new groups of militants are planned to be transported from Georgia to the territory of Russia. This information was confirmed on Monday by press secretary of the Russian Federal Frontier Service Sergei Ivanchenko to RTR television.

Speaking about the penetration of bandits into the territory of Russia, Sergei Ivanchenko said that "the militants are sustaining considerable losses." Only today, according to him, two militants have been taken prisoner, one of whom is wounded, and nine bandits were killed.

By the decision of the director of the Federal Frontier Service, additional forces are being lifted to the area of the battle, said Sergei Ivanchenko.

In the morning of Saturday, July 27, in the Kerigo Gorge in the Itum-Kali district of Chechnya, the Russian frontier-guards spotted a group of militants of up to sixty men who took an armed attempt to break through from the territory of Georgia to Chechnya. By the evening of Saturday, the Itum-Kali frontier-guards' team, with the support of the army aviation, blocked the area of the presence of the militants and the possible ways of their movements.

At the present time, the federal forces continue to block the mountain passes and paths in that district.