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America wants to take a break

29.08.2013 | Source:


America wants to take a break. 50991.jpeg

Western countries have informed representatives of the Syrian opposition about the possibility of attacks on the territory of the country. In turn, the opponents of Bashar al-Assad provided the list of prospective targets for air strikes. The formal pretext for a military intervention would be the need to prevent the further use of chemical weapons by government forces. 

However, foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict - particularly on the part of the United States is still too early to talk about.

Sergei Demidenko, an expert of the Institute of Strategic Estimations and Analysis:

"The Americans are slowly backpedaling. Sources from the White House have repeatedly stated that the operation would be limited and would last for a day or two . And once again , it was stated that America was not going either to displace the regime of Bashar al-Assad or intervene in the conflict. It is now important for them to demonstrate some actions of force that would serve as a lesson to other authoritarian regimes that it is not good to poison people with chemical substances.

"America wants to take a break. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been putting pressure on the United States. France and England as well. I think that if the operation takes place, it will be something like "Operation El Dorado Canyon " from 1986, against Libya. It lasted for only several hours, bombed several objects in Libya , and then said : the bloody tyrant got a proper lesson. And all was forgotten and everything went on as usual. I think in Syria, it will be the same. "




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