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USA against Columbian ceasefire?

Spokesperson for Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue confirms that USA is against Bogota’s peace deal with FARC.

After FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces of Columbia) and the Columbian government (led by President Andres Pestrana, backed by the USA) signed a peace agreement in September, a number of incidents have taken place, namely the assassination of Communist Party activists in a clear attempt to provoke a breach of the peace.

Michael Shifter, specialist in Columbian affairs at the Washington based Institute for American Dialogue, declared that Washington will not accept the concessions made by Andres Pestrana to FARC in Columbia, under the pretext that the demilitarised zone be used as a terrorist training area or for the cultivation of drugs.

As has been pointed out in these pages, the profits from cocaine are made when the consignment crosses the frontier into the USA and is sold on the streets. The operationals within the US are the ones who make the money, not the growers in Columbia.

FARC is a political organisation which intends to improve the standard of living of the Columbian people, held down by a fascist and repressive regime, which uses fascist paramilitary groups, backed and armed by the USA, to spread terror and commit mass assassinations, under the pretext of drugs control programmes, when the real reason is political control of the region.


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