Source Pravda.Ru

Weapons cache discovered near Karlanyurt-Kizlyar railroad in Daghestan

According to the Daghestani Interior Ministry press service, a large cache of weapons and ammunition was discovered by operatives from the Makhachkala Railway Police near a stretch of Karlanyurt-Kizlyar railroad in Daghestan (North Caucasus).

The cache was located in a forest 30 meters from the railroad tracks. It contained two grenade launchers, five grenades, seven rounds for an underbarrel grenade launcher, two 200-gram TNT explosives, five flares and 747 rounds of ammunition.

Operatives are trying to find out the origins of the cache and the purpose of its location near the railroad that connects central regions of Russia with Daghestan and Azerbaijan detouring Chechnya.

According to the Daghestani Interior Ministry press service, the discovery of the cache was made during the anti-terrorist operation Jamaat currently under way in the republic.

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