Source Pravda.Ru

Moscow concerned over terrorist act in city of Najaf, Iraq

The report about the explosion of a mined car, in which many people were killed in the Iraqi city of Najaf, has been received with deep concern in Moscow, says a report of the Russian Foreign Ministry received by RIA Novosti correspondent.

Among the people killed in the blast is ayatollah Mohammad Bakr al-Hakim, one of the leaders of the Shiite community and an authoritative religious and political leader. Of special concern is the fact that this criminal act was staged near the sacred place of all Shiites - the Iman Ali Mosque, the Foreign Ministry report says.

This big terrorist act was designed to derail the process of normalizing the situation in Iraq, which lives in a situation of permanent instability, the report says.

It is possible to break this vicious circle only by forming without delay national representative power bodies capable of efficiently improving the situation in the country with the assistance of the international community, the UN in the first place, said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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