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Remnants Of Gelayev's Gang Destroyed

The remains of the gang led by Ruslan Gelayev, a notorious Chechen warlord, have been destroyed during a special operation conducted by the Defence Ministry of the self-proclaimed republic of Abkhazia. According to Vladimir Arshba, the Chief of Staff of the Abkhaz Armed Forces, several days of searches in the southern sector of the Kodori gorge resulted in locating Gelayev's unit, which is notorious for its atrocities. Having determined the exact coordinates of the base, Abkhaz rangers radioed for helicopters, which subsequently delivered massive missile and bomb strikes on the terrorists, Vladimir Arshba stated. The Abkhaz intelligence reports that the terrorists' death toll comprised of some 150 men virtually destroying the gang. "We have no data concerning the location of Gelayev at the moment of the attack," Arshba said.

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