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Syria cut off from Internet and cellular communication

Mobile communications and the Internet have not been working in Syria for two days already. The Syrian opposition believes that the country has been cut off from the World Wide Web on the instructions from the government.

Syria fell out of the World Wide Web on Thursday, around noon local time. According to pro-government TV channel Al-Ikbariya, the authorities have nothing to do with the disconnection. Internet cables were "attacked by terrorists, who cut some regions from the Internet", reports BaltInfo.

According to the opposition, it was the government that cut the country from the Internet. This may signal an impending major attack, says Deutsche Welle. The U.S. State Department sticks to the same point of view. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said that the US had previously received information from Syria saying that Assad was going to disable all types of communications in the country.

Meanwhile, adds Pitbit, while experts are trying to solve the problem, the people of the country can use a helping hand from well-known hacker group Anonymous. They published the data for the dial-up connection to the global network as a temporary solution.


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